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Reisterstown, Maryland

Located approximately 30 minutes northwest of Baltimore, Reisterstown is a beautiful suburb of the city. Being home to about 25,000 people, the community offers many amenities and attractions. Explore the large historic district of Reisterstown and discover the many wonderful shops along Main Street. There are plenty of options for outdoor recreation in this community as well, with multiple parks located throughout the community that includes everything from large playgrounds to sports fields. Residents can also enjoy local festivals throughout the year as well as community farmers' markets. Learn more about Reisterstown below and contact Next Step Realty for all of your real estate needs.

Reisterstown MD

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Reisterstown Demographics

Population: 26,822 (2020)

Median Household Income: $73,040 (2017-2021)

Homeownership Rate: 61.6% (2017-2021)

Median Sales Price: $260,000 (February 2024)


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